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FUNNY: THE PHOTOS (and a 22-second video)

California Women’s Conference
From 1975
From 1975

“Somerville”: David sings a medley of his hit.

St. Louis Jewish Book Festival
From 1975
From 1975

David warns of the dangers of “Cat On The Back Disease”.

West Hollywood Book Fair
From 1975
From 1975

David demonstrates the remarkable properties of TV Socks (TM).

Santa Monica Public Library: “The Anthropology of Laughter”
From 1978
From 1978

David hosts the live tapings of “Mork and Mindy” in an unforgettable, unforgiveable ensemble of turtleneck-and-suede.

Columbia University: “Understanding Comedy: The Rules”
From 1988
From 1988

David directs a zombie (before zombies were cool) in the TV series “Monsters”.

Cal State Northridge: “Understanding Comedy: The Rules”
Cal State Northridge: “Understanding Comedy: The Rules”
From “Duckman” (1995)
From “Duckman” (1995)

Duckman slams into a (for-no-reason-other-than-it’s-outrageous) wheelchair-bound David.

Bookexpo America (click center for video)
Bookexpo America (click center for video)

(Note: A trick of the light makes it look as though David is losing his hair, but he totally isn’t.)

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Choose from a smorgasbord of radio & TV gab-fests, listed by interviewer,
nationality, and the amount of time you can stand hearing David talk.
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The Dinner Party

David talks with Brendan Newnam.

NPR; American Public Media (radio; 5 min.)

Also available on Itunes and “The Dinner Party” website.


David talks with Gene Lavanche.

FOX25; Dedham, MA (TV, 5 min.)

KCAL Live At 2

David talks with Sandra Mitchell.

KCAL 9; CBS Los Angeles (TV, 4 min.)


David talks with Hank Rosenfeld (“Irving Brecher: The Wicked Wit of the West”).

KPCC, Pasadena (radio; 4 min.); partial transcript and photos.

Off-Ramp: Crawford Forum

An edited version of David’s talk with Alonzo Bodden (see “Video-rrific!”, below, for full version)

KPCC’s Crawford Family Forum (6 min.)

Bloomberg Weekend

David talks with show biz legend Joe Franklin.

Bloomberg Radio (7 min.)



San Diego Living

David talks with Marc Bailey of “San Diego Living”.

The CW / Ch. 6 (5 min.)

Connie Martinson (1)

David talks (y’know, books) with Connie Martinson.

Syndicated (9 min.)

Connie Martinson (2)

David continues talking (books) with Connie Martinson.

Syndicated (9 min.)

Connie Martinson (3)

David continues even more talking with Connie Martinson.

Syndicated (9 min.)

Mr. Media

David talks with Bob Andelman.

Streaming (29 min.)

KPCC Family Forum

David talks with Alonzo Bodden.  (See “Short & Sweet”, above, for 6 min. edited audio version.)

Streaming (89 min.)



Canada: The Stupf File Program

O Canadia!

David talks with Peter Anthony Holder.

Podcast (12 min.)

Ireland: Moncrieff

This one goes out to Ms. Erin G. Bragh:

David talks to Sean Moncrieff.

“Newstalk”, Radio Ireland (14 min.)




Write On! Radio

David talks with Steve McEllistrem.

KFAI Minneapolis (20 min.)


David talks with Eddrick Osborne.

Podcast (21 min.)

On Screen And Beyond

David talks with Brian Zemrak.

Podcast (31 min.)

Reimagine That!

David talks to Chris Mann.

Podcast (32 min.)

L.A. Review of Books

David talks with Ellis Weiner.

Podcast (35 min.)

Speaking of Art

David talks with Edwin Hoffman.

WAAM Talk 1600, Ann Arbor (37 min.)

Sheena Metal Experience

David talks with Sheena Metal.

Podcast (39 min.)



TV Confidential

David talks with Ed Robertson.

Podcast (47 min.)

Bill Leff

David talks with Bill Leff.

WGN Radio, Chicago (54 min.)

The Nerdist: No Math

David talks with Jessica Barton of The Nerdist.

Podcast (59 min.)

The Jordan Rich Show

David talks with Jordan Rich.

WBZ Radio, Boston (69 min.)




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Funny: The Movies

— The book talks about Tricksters; John Belushi in “Animal House” is one of the great examples, embracing havoc for havoc’s sake.

— Proof that comedy doesn’t get the respect it deserves: Steve Martin has never won an Oscar.

— “The Court Jester” was, at the time, the most expensive comedy ever made… and still one of the best. (“The chalice from the palace” is in a different trailer.)

— A Chaplin party trick became one of the iconic comedy bits of all time, reprised last year by Amy Adams in “The Muppets”.

Funny: The Movies: The Sequel

— “Some Like It Hot” is generally considered the funniest movie ever made.

— One of those lines constantly quoted by those irritating people who constantly quote Monty Python. Like me.

— No one did Stupid/Smart like Judy Holliday.

— Bringing American 6th-grade humor to the world: “Airplane!”

Funny: The Battle of the Sexes

— “The Thin Man” is still one of the most sophisticated (and sexy) depictions of marriage.

— Why you’re not friends with the people you think you’re friends with.

— “Two For The Road”: Man the Aggressor; Woman the Victorious.

— Snark, thy name is “Juno”.


Funny: The Stand-ups

— From what some believe is the greatest stand-up performance ever filmed.

— Lenny may be more provocative today than ever.

— Perhaps if it had been carefully explained that “Who” was the man’s actual name, all the confusion could have been avoided.

— Steve Martin brings existentialism to standup.

— Woody was probably the smartest comic in history; this joke made Carson collapse.

— Mel and Carl’s improvised routines made literal and figurative history.

Funny: The Chase

— Buster is my hero. Note how he slides facing the camera. And, by the way, that hurt.

— Buster is Jackie’s hero. But who else could do that bike-jump?

— Woody attacked by Freud.

— Director Peter Bogdonavich, a scholar of film history, revived the art of slapstick in “What’s Up Doc”.

Funny: The Body 1

— The world’s noisiest campfire was outrageous at the time; it still is.

— Mr. Creosote’s digestive issues also shocked audiences.

— A slumdog has a crappy day.

— Bridesmaids, please: Avoid the hair.