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The internet, she is a fickle mistress; today’s YouTube video is tomorrow’s missing link.  Nonetheless, in our never-ending quest to provide you, the honored “”Funny: The Book” reader, with access to the tome’s comedic touchstones, we herewith optimistically list the referenced clips.

Under each numbered link from the book you’ll find (where they exist) links to: (1) a video illustrating a reference in the text; (2) a similar video, sometimes with timings corresponding to the section referenced in the text; (3) an opportunity to purchase the larger work the clip is a part of, which I strongly encourage.

[You want to do a nice thing?  Sure you do, who doesn’t want to do
a nice thing.  If you notice that a link isn’t working, let me know.]



LINK #2:  “FEAR / CHILDREN” (from “The
2000-Year-Old Man”) – Carl Reiner & Mel Brooks

to 3:20  to 2:11

LINK #3: “HOUND DOG” (from “The Milton Berle Show”) – Elvis Presley

LINK #4: “GOODBYE” (from “The Kid Brother”) – Harold Lloyd

to 2:36

LINK #5: “FIREFLY’S ENTRANCE” (from “”Duck Soup”) – The Marx Brothers

LINK #6: “THE MIRROR SCENE” (from “Duck Soup”)– The Marx Brothers

“A Night At The Opera”) – The Marx Brothers

LINK #8: “THE NAZ” – Lord Buckley

to 2:47

 LINK #9: “CHRIST AND MOSES” – Lenny Bruce

to 5:39


 LINK #10: “WHY, LORD?” – Godfrey Cambridge



LINK #11: “HEART ATTACK” (from “Richard Pryor Live In Concert”)

to 2:33

“His Girl Friday”) – Cary Grant, Rosalind Russell, Ralph Bellamy


LINK #13: “THE SEX LIFE OF THE POLYP” – Robert Benchley

LINK #14: “THE STORY OF NICK” (from “A Thousand Clowns”) –
Jason Robards, Jr., Barbara Harris, William Daniels

Mark Twain; William Mooney

LINK #16: “WHO’S ON FIRST” (from “The Naughty Nineties”) – Abbott & Costello


LINK #17: “KIDNAPPED” – Woody Allen


LINK #18: “MR. BIG” – Woody Allen



LINK #19: STEVE MARTIN on “Saturday Night Live” (montage)

(from “”Monty Python Live At The Hollywood Bowl”)


LINK #21: “BIGGUS DICKUS” (from “Monty Python’s Life Of Brian”)


LINK #22: “REGISTERING AN ALIEN” (from “Mork and Mindy”;
“Mork and the Immigrant”) – Robin Williams

to 6:20

LINK #23: “CUES” (from “A Shot In The Dark”) –
Peter Sellers, George Sanders, Maurice Kaufmann

to 4:15

LINK #24: “TRAIN” (from “The General”) – Directed by Buster Keaton


LINK #25: “BALLOON / CANOE” (from “The Balloonatic”) – Buster Keaton

3:42-5:20 12:23-14:21

LINK #26: “HOUSE” (from “Steamboat Bill, Jr.”) – Buster Keaton


LINK #27: “PEDDLER” (from “Sherlock Jr.”) – Buster Keaton

to 35:22

LINK #28: “WINDOW” (from “Sherlock Jr.”) – Buster Keaton

to 34:13

LINK #29: “ROCKS” (from “Seven Chances”) – Buster Keaton

LINK #30: “SUGGESTION BOX” (from “The Office”;
“Performance Review”) – Steve Carell and the cast

LINK #31: from “The Office”; “HALLOWEEN” – Steve Carell, Jenna Fischer



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 Table of Contents, pp. 139, 143: “collarbone should beneck.
My excuse: I remembered wrong.  (Tip o’ the porkpie hat to Glenn Gers.)

P. 2, footnote: “Misch, Funny: The Book, 2012, p. 1should be “p. 4
My excuse: The book was repaginated.

P. 6, footnote: At the end of the footnote…
* “This is a reference to the Introduction.  If you skipped the Introduction, it’s an obscure in-joke.”
there was supposed to be another footnote…
** “There is nothing worse for a joke than a footnote.” – Frank Baxter
My excuse: Didn’t check galley closely enough.

P. 35: “Okay,” said Berle, “but I’m only gonna take out enough to win.”
Evidently, a variant of this line was said to Berle in the bathroom; Berle credited
Jackie Gleason and said “It was maybe the funniest spontaneous line I ever heard.”
My excuse: Everyone knows it was Berle!  Who’re you gonna believe, me or the truth?

P. 39: In the section on women in comedy, there’s no
mention of Lena Dunham’s ground-breaking “Girls”.
My excuse: It came out after I wrote the book.

P. 53, footnote: “which brought Holocaust survivors to Americashould be
“which ran the British blockade to bring refugees to Palestine“.
My excuse: None.  Didn’t double-check source.

P. 74: “‘Modern Times” was released in 1936, not 1932.
My excuse: None.  Didn’t double-check self.

Pp. 128, 185: “Pierre Monard, Author of The Quixote”
should be “Pierre Menard, Author of The Quixote”
My excuse: I remembered wrong.

P. 140: “there were five jet engines” should be “there were five airplane engines”
My excuse: Thought “airplane”, wrote “jet”.

P. 141: “dancing feet out of potatoes in The Gold Rushshould be
“dancing feet out of dinner rolls in The Gold Rush
My excuse: Brain-freeze.  (Tip o’ the feet to Bill Glasner.)

P. 156: “Starting with I Love Lucy in 1951, sitcoms were videotaped in front
of live audiences.” should be “… sitcoms were filmed in front of live audiences.”
My excuse: That’s what I meant.  (Tip o’ the recording technology to Prof. Timothy Dee.)

Freshman year, college: After a girl dumped me, I once spied on her through a window.
should have been After a girl dumped me, I never spied on her through a window.
My excuse: I was 18.