“It takes a serious mind to analyze comedy.  It takes a funny mind to appreciate it.  David Misch is of two minds.”

– Jason Alexander

“The perfect bedside book.”

– Carl Reiner




 “Informative, insightful,
and really funny.”

– Mark C. Miller,
The Huffington Post

“The book lives up to its title… Brilliant.”

– Aimee Levitt,
The Chicago Reader

A wide-ranging, fun-packed look at the principles and practice
of comedy, from its origins in pre-history to the worlds
of movies, TV, prose, theater, stand-up, and jokes.

Exploring the historical, mythological, anthropological, biological, neurological,
psychological, philosophical, and even theological underpinnings
of humor, the author concludes that (Spoiler Alert!) Comedy is God.

The single most popular book on comedy ever written by David Misch!

On sale, in print and interactive e-book, online, in bookstores, and
wherever fine (and, let’s be honest, some really sucky) books are sold.



  • Reviews The Author Totally Didn’t Pay For
    “The book lives up to its title… brilliant.” Aimee Levitt, The Chicago Reader
    “I don’t know a more literate and hysterically funny resource.”
    Lou Marzeles, The Goldendale Sentinel
    “Will make you laugh out loud.” Gene Lavanchy, FOX 25
  • David presents a course on musical satire, “Singing Slings & Arrows”, at
    the Skirball Cultural Center in Los Angeles beginning April 29.
     Class details here; registration details here.

21: David’s at Cal State Fullerton to speak on
“Understanding Comedy: The Rules”.

23: David discusses “Comedy In Society: Satire, Censorship & Swearing”
at the New York Public Library (mid-Manhattan branch); free.

24: David’s at the New School with his seminar
“Understanding Comedy: The Rules”.

27: David presents “Understanding Comedy: The Rules”
at Hollywood’s Second City Training Center.

29: David’s six-week class on musical satire, “Singing Slings
and Arrows”, begins at the Skirball Cultural Center.

  • On Sunday, May 4 at 1 PM, David presents “Understanding Comedy: The Rules”
    at the Second City Training Center in Hollywood.  $75; details here.
  • And on Wednesday, May 7 at 6:30 PM, David’s at the L.A. Central
    Public Library to reveal “The History of Ha!”; details here.
  • And thanks to KPCC, Alonzo Bodden, and the full house at KPCC’s
    Crawford Family Forum in Pasadena.  Watch the whole 90 minutes here or
    a spritely 6-minute audio version from “Off-Ramp, with John Rabe” here.
  • Jamie Reno (Newsweek, The Daily Beast, The New York Times)
    calls FTB “the best book ever written about comedy”; some people
    damn with faint praise I almost fainted with the damn praise.
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